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Certified Translation Services - Quick and Accurate

Whether you are a business, a student, or an individual planning to travel to a foreign country, you would need certified translations of various documents.
Look no further than Translation Eagle. 
We have a team of certified native translators who are linguistic and industry experts. Your translation project is assigned to native language experts in the source and target languages.
For the most accurate translation services in more than 100 languages and a quick turnaround, contact us. Our certified translations are accepted across the globe.
Our customer support service team that works 24/7 is always ready to assist you.
USCIS & Certified Translation

USCIS & Certified Translation

People from more than one country move to the US for various reasons including educational requirements, employment, or business expansion. Immigration mostly requires certified document translation services for accurate translations of immigration documents. The translated document comes with a declaration of completeness and accuracy. 

The USCIS, which is the federal agency responsible for lawful immigration in the US requires certified translations for all immigration documents. They are also required by government authorities, universities, and more.


Our team of experienced translators has the expertise and experience to provide USCIS certified translation services that are authentic representations of the original document.
Customer satisfaction and acceptance by USCIS is guaranteed. 
Get rush & super rush services within 24 hours!!!

Our Certified Document Translation Services

We provide ATA certified translation services that are accepted by all authorities across the globe. 
Some authorities require the notarization of certified translations. We also provide notarization of certified translations.
Get free certified document translation services near me at Translation Eagle.
Well, notarized translations are done at a nominal fee as charged by the notary services.

What We Translate?

  • Legal documents 
  • Academic documents 
  • Financial documents
  • Personal documents/Vital documents
  • Marketing material 
  • Business documents 
  • Technical documents 
  • Literary material 
  • Scientific material 
  • Medical documents 

Why Hire Our Services?

Languages We Translate

  • Spanish 
  • Japanese 
  • German
  • Mandarin 
  • Italian 
  • French 
  • Portuguese 
  • Korean 
  • Arabic
  • Dutch 
  • Cantonese 
  • Vietnamese 

Certified translation service is commonly required by individuals and businesses. Different kinds of documents including academic, legal, technical, marketing material, and more require translation into various languages depending on the need. Expanding into foreign lands, studying abroad, or simply migrating to a foreign country requires the translation of many important documents like birth certificates, diplomas, and more. 

Businesses may require to translate marketing research material, instruction manuals, and others to connect with foreign customers and employees. 

Hire our cost-effective and certified Spanish translation services by industry experts for any of your translation needs. 

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Our customer support team works round the clock and is always ready to assist you with online certified translation services. You will receive an instant quote. Once you confirm, the translation process begins immediately. Translated documents are sent within the specified time to avoid inconvenience or delay of any kind. Moreover, our team of experienced experts translate all kinds of documents with 98% accuracy.
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A certified translation refers to the declaration made by the translator for completeness and accuracy of the translated document. It is often required by universities and government authorities.

We offer fast translation services within the specified time. For urgent requirements of clients, we also provide same-day, rush, and super rush translation services for all kinds of documents by native translators.

Notarized translations require the notary public to witness the signing of the translated document by the translator. The notary also verifies the translator’s identity. Certified translations on the other hand refer to a declaration made by the translator for the accuracy and completeness of the translated document.

The timeline depends upon the length of the document and languages involved. We provide rush & super rush services to ensure delivery within 24 hours.